History of Funding for the Community Development Block Grant Program
(Utah Small Cities CDBG Program) in Southwestern Utah Regional, 1982-2014

Between 1982 and 2014, the five southwestern Utah counties (Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington) prioritized the allocation of $18,804,301 in Utah Small Cities Community Development Block Grant funding for 193 community development projects designed to improve the living conditions of persons, primarily those who are of low to moderate income.

Projects that have been undertaken over the years include basic infrustructure improvements for culinary water and sewer projects, fire protection, community facilities, affordable housing, medical facilities accessibility projects for the disabled, flood control projects, and new delivery vehicles for the local Meals on Wheels program serving homebound elderly residents.

It is important to note that these federal CDBG funds received have been leveraged, on average one-to-one with other and/or local funding. Therefore, an estimated $36 million of much needed improvements to the living conditions of residents of communities in southwestern Utah have been accomplished over the program's history.

The following links (to PDF files) are tables providing detailed up to date funding information on the projects assisted with funding through the Community Development Block Grant program. The lists identify the applicant for the funding (City/Town, etc.), the type of project (i.e. water or fire, etc.) as well as the CDBG dollar amount allocated to the project and the percentage of total funds allocated to that type of project.  Of particular interest in the tables is the average dollar amount of the types of projects funded in each county and the region as a whole.

Also contained on each of the county lists below are many underlined hyperlinks (in blue) that will enable you to display photographs of a number of the projects funded with CDBG here in southwestern Utah over the history of the program.

Each county is listed seperately and then combined totals are provided below them:

All Five Counties Combined

(Please note these files are all provided in PDF format and you will need to have a PDF viewer program or plug-in installed to view these files.)

Other Regional Allocations of CDBG Funding
(Webmasters note: Information on 2011 through 2014 coming soon)

Planning, Administration and Technical Assistance:
In addition to the aforementioned CDBG funding for local community development projects, just over $5 million has been allocated between 1982 and 2010 by this region's locally elected officials to provide for Community & Economic Development Planning, Administration and Technical Assistance to the communities and counties in our region.

Capitalize the Regional Revolving Loan Fund:
The locally-elected officials also created a regional Revolving Loan Fund to provide gap financing for new startup and existing businesses designed to employ local residents and retain much needed jobs in the region's communities. A total of $576,420 has been allocated to capitalize the RLF.

Acquire a Building Housing the FCAOG Office:
Finally our locally-elected officials utilized $950,529 of CDBG funds in the 2001 program year to secure a permanent "paid-for" office building to house the various programs and activities of the Five County Association of Governments and to head off rapid increases predicted in building lease rates.  The well-designed FCAOG office building located in the Tonaquint Center Hi-Tech Business Park in St. George is a result of the forward thinking of our local elected officals.

All of these regional CDBG projects are listed in a "Regional Projects" table. The link to that table is provided below:

Table of Regional Projects

If you have any questions regarding the allocation of CDBG funds in southwestern Utah, please contact the Five County AOG CDBG Program Specialist, Diane Lamoreaux, at (435) 673-3548 extension 105, or e-mail here by clicking HERE.

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