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Referral Process: 

A referral can be made to our intake office by the individual, family member, health care provider, etc.

Once a referral is received, the intake worker will contact the individual referred and/or family member to discuss the programs and available services.  If the individual so chooses a demographic intake and screening will be completed over the phone to identify potential need and pre-screen for program eligibility.

To make a referral call: 435-673-3548 (ask for Aging Intake Worker)  or e-mail

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To provide eligible individuals with the option of having their long term care services provided in their own home as an alternative to placement in a nursing facility.   Individuals are able to live as independently as possible with supportive services provided through the waiver.  The program improves the quality of life by providing additional options to meet  the long term care needs of seniors .     

Program Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for the waiver a person must:

· Be 65 years of age or older.

· Require nursing facility Level of Care (a frailty level that meets nursing admission guidelines).

· Meet financial eligibility requirements for Long Term Care Medicaid.  (Medicaid eligibility is determined by the Department of Workforce services

In order to receive waiver services the program must assure that the client’s health and safety can be met with the package of available waiver services and other home-based care. 

Eligible individuals will be offered a choice between receiving home and community-based services, or relocating to a nursing home. 

Waiver Services:

Services provided are based upon individual needs of the waiver recipient as determined by a comprehensive assessment. 

· Case Management— ongoing care coordination and  monitoring of  health, safety, service and care need. 

· Home-Delivered Supplemental Meals— meals provided to homebound individuals to supplement their nutritional needs. 

· Non-Medical Transportation— service to assist recipients in accessing waiver and other community services and resources. 

· Emergency Response System—  An electronic device which enables high risk individuals to secure help in the event of an emergency. 

· Adult Day Health Services— Care and supervision provided in a supervised setting to provide socialization, recreation, and cultural activities for disabled adults. 

· Respite Care— Services provided on a short-term basis to relieve the regular caregiver(s) of the wavier recipient who is unable to care for themselves.  Services can be provided in-home or a care facility. 

· Personal Attendant Services —Personal care and non-medical supportive services in the individuals place of residence. 

·  Personal Attendant Training— Individual training and instruction to recipient, family, surrogates and personal attendants.

· Homemaker Services— general household activities, such as: vacuuming, dusting, dishes, mopping, bathroom, making bed, laundry,  etc.

· Supportive Maintenance— Home health care provided by a home health aide to assist with bathing/personal care.   

· Adult Companion Services—non-medical care, supervision and socialization. 

· Chore Services—Heavy household chores such as washing floors, windows, and walls. 

· Medication Reminder System— a non face to face medication reminder technique (e.g. phone call, etc.)

· Environmental Accessibility Adaptation— equipment and/or physical adaptations to the home that are necessary to assure health, welfare, and safety or to provide greater level of functional independence. 

· Specialized Medical Equipment/Assistive Technology—Devices which are of direct medical or remedial benefit to the individual. 

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