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Five County receives funding to help support the local Senior Centers in providing Home Delivered Meals (Meals on Wheels) and Congregate Meals to Seniorís 60 years of age or older.† Eligible seniors may receive the meals at no cost; however, there is a suggested donation to help with the costs of providing the meals.†

For specific information regarding the Meal programs; including days of operation, service coverage and, eligibility; you may contact the your local Senior Center or County Council on Aging Coordinator in your area.† Please click on the following link, Senior Centers in Five County.

Your local Senior Centerís provide a variety of educational materials as well as classes to help promote health and well being.† In addition, to providing nutritious meals, many of the centers also provide Nutrition counseling and education.† Throughout the year, Centers may also offer blood pressure/blood sugar checks, specialty clinics, such as podiatry, skin cancer, glaucoma and hearing screens, and flu, pneumonia and H1N1 shots.† In addition, centers have exercise equipment and offer exercise classes, such as the PACE program, Yoga, Tai chi, Kick stick, and Wii Fit.† Contact your local Senior Center for additional information.††

Five County AAA offers the Chronic Disease Self Management Program, also known, in Utah, as Living Well with Chronic Conditions.† This evidence based program developed by Stanford University provides tools to help individuals better manage their chronic condition and decrease the need for medical intervention.† The classes are for any individual suffering from a chronic condition, such as arthritis, MS, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart disease, chronic pain, etc.† For additional information or to sign up for an upcoming class please contact, Carolyn Moss at† 435-673-354 x108.††

Five County AAA can also provide additional information regarding disease prevention and health promotion; including other community resources, brochures, books and DVDís.† Throughout the year, we also offer classes, conferences and other community events which provide information and resources related to disease prevention and health promotion.†††

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The Five County AAA also provides funds to each of the Five County Councils on Aging in Southwest Utah to help provide other supportive services, including transportation, through the† local Senior Centers.† In addition to transportation, the centers provide educational and recreational activities such as, exercise classes, Yoga, bingo, Wii bowling, dance, card games, computer classes, Nutrition education, Medicare help, support groups etc.†††

For additional information regarding the specific services and activities available at your local Senior Center contact your local Senior Center or County Council on Aging Coordinator.† For contact information click on the following link:†† Senior Centers in Five County

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Text Box: Long Term Care Ombudsman


As mandated by the Older Americanís Act, the mission of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) is to seek resolution of problems and advocate for the rights of residents of long term care facilities with the goal of enhancing the quality of life and care of residents.


The primary purpose of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is to improve the quality of life, care, and environment of long-term care residents. The Ombudsman works with the resident to seek resolution of concerns and complaints related to their long term care services.† The program provides a method by which resident complaints can be heard and resolved, if possible.† The Ombudsman is the mediator, educator and advocate in helping consumers resolve complaints.† This is accomplished through a cooperative approach between providers, regulators, residents, families and the ombudsman.


Anyone (residents, relatives, friends or even the staff of a facility) may initiate a complaint on behalf of the resident. Often residents are unable to do it themselves. Only as mutually agreed upon, between the ombudsman and the resident or his/her legal representative, the ombudsman will make every reasonable effort to assist, represent and intervene on behalf of the resident. Services are provided to persons:

 Without regard for income and resources

 As requested by an individual or on behalf of an individual

 Available to a person who resides in a long-term care facility

 Available to a person attempting to enter a facility

For questions regarding the program or to make a report you may contact Carolyn Moss at 435-673-3548 or e-mail at

For Statewide information you may go to† or contact:

Daniel J. Musto
State of Utah: Department of Human Services

Text Box: Health Insurance Information Program (HIIP)

The Health Insurance Information Program (HIIP) operates in every county in Utah to assist you in making decisions regarding your healthcare insurance needs; including: Medicare Part A, B & D, Medicare supplements and Medicaid.†

The Volunteer Center in Washington County operates the HIIP Program for Washington, Iron, Beaver, Garfield and Kane Counties.† In addition to phone counsultation, they work closely with the local senior centers providing presentations and arranging for trained volunteers at the centers to assist with Medicare Part D during the open enrollment period.†

You can reach the HIIP Program by calling the Volunteer Center at 435-674-5757.

You can also go to the Division of Aging and Adult Services Website under Health Insurance Information at††† They have general information that may help answer some of your questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid and Long Term Care Insurance. If you still need additional information you can call the toll free number at 1-800-541-7735.†

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