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The purpose of the Caregiver Support Program is to provide in-formal and family caregivers with the information, tools and resources they needs to assist them in their caregiving role.  

We hope to empower caregivers through access to information, resources, training, support services and respite in order to reduce stress and help the caregivers remain healthy.  

Available Services and Eligibility:

· The following services are available to caregivers, grandparents and older individuals who are relative caregivers:

1. Information to caregivers about available services;

2. Individual one-on-one assistance to caregivers in gaining access to services in the form of information and assistance or case magnement. 

3. Individual counseling, support groups and caregiver training to assist the caregiver in making decisions and solving problems related to their caregiving roles.              

· Respite care and supplemental services are available to caregivers who are:

1. caregivers of adults 60 years of age or  older;

2. adult family members or other adult informal caregiver providing care to individuals of any age with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorder. 

3. caregivers 60 years of age or older caring for persons with mental retardation or related developmental disabilities; or are

4. grandparents and other relatives (not parents) 55 years or older providing care to adults with disabilities; or are

5. grandparents or older individuals (not parents) 55 years or older who are a relative caregiver of a child not more than 18 years of age; or are

· In addition, to provide respite and Supplemental Services to eligible caregivers the care receiver must be:

1. unable to perform two activities of daily living without substantial assistance, including verbal reminding, physical cueing or supervision; or

2. require substantial supervision due to cognitive or other mental impairment due to behaviors that pose a serious health or safety concern. 

3. demonstrate a medium to high risk score according to approved screening and assessment tool. 

! There are no financial eligibility requirements to receive services through the program.  However there is a suggested donation to help offset service costs. 

! The are limitations regarding the amount of funds available to provide services to grandparents.  Therefore, referrals for respite & supplemental  services will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Referral Process: 

A referral can be made to our intake office by the individual, family member, health care provider, etc.

Once a referral is received, the intake worker will contact the individual referred and/or family member to discuss the programs and available services.  If the individual so chooses a demographic intake and screening will be completed over the phone to identify potential need and pre-screen for program eligibility. 

To make a referral call: 435-673-3548 (ask for Aging Intake Worker)  or e-mail

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